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Kyle O’Quinn rejoint le Paris Basketball



The Combo Guard who played eight years in NBA (New York, Orlando, Philadelphie and Indiana) between 2012 and 2020 and one year in Turquie (Fenerbahçe) signed a two years contract with the parisian club. 

« I’m excited to join Paris Basketball. Management, Coaching Staff, Teammates and Fans. It’s PARIS. I’m happy to join this club.” – Kyle O’Quinn

« We took our time to pick the right profile.

It’s a privilege to have Kyle in Paris Basketball. His NBA journey, his basket IQ, and his human values will help us to live our first year first division, Betclic Elite, with determination, serenity, humility and ambition. » – Jean-Christophe Prat

Kyle O’QUINN will play his first game with Paris Basketball September 22nd for the Coupe de France.

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